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Electrodes Maestro

We proudly introduce the superior
cold cathode electrode
“TecnoLux Maestro TM



We proudly introduce the superior cold cathode electrode

TecnoLux Maestro TM”.

The purest,
the easiest,
the most reliable electrode.

Using the most recent scientific acquisitions, the TecnoLux Research and development department, has been studying for years the basic operational principles of the cold cathode electrodes.

The basic technology of the triple carbonate activation, widely used in the hot cathode electrodes, has been enhanced and better customized to the cold cathode bombarding technology:

• The Tecnolux shells are now prepared with 6 different cleaning process, including a double heating at high temperature under vacuum. The purity is one of the essential conditions for the reliability of the lamps.

• The activation mass has been enhanced to admit the easiest and reliable conversion into the emissive surface during bombardment, having a smooth and uniform heating, and with excellent response under different bombarding procedures. This will increase dramatically the reliability and the life span of the lamps.

• The nickel plating is made in our factory, to avoid any possible contamination and for a perfect customization to the very special performances claimed for cold cathode electrodes.

• A new geometry of the ceramic collar contribute to get the bombardment easier, to increase the emission properties and to enhance the aesthetic look of the shell.

• The TecnoLux electrodes are made also in Lead free glass to protect the environment and to maintain the glass perfectly transparent and clear with all fire conditions. Lead Free glass can be perfectly joined also to lead glass tubing.

TecnoLux MaestroTM , the best friend of the cold cathode manufacturer, will increase the reputation of the cold cathode lamps in the lighting industry.
Don’t miss it.

Electrode "MaestroTM" diameter
Ø 15 mm. – 60 mA.
During the bombarding
Electrode with tube filled gas neon

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