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Cold Cathode Candle Light

Candlelight, the color able to replace the halogen lamp dimming...

Candlelight,  a new color able to reproduce the look of a softly dimmed incandescent lamp.. We proudly introduce the brand new Tecnolux color “211 – Candlelight”.
Candlelight has been specifically engineered to work alone or connected with Tecnolux color“311 – Soft White”, guaranteeing a long life span and energy efficiency that a halogen or incandescent are not able to offer.

A luminair could contain two cold cathode lamps, the soft white on a dimmer and the candlelight on a preset low level. This will duplicate the warming effect obtained when dimming halogen or incandescent fixtures. “Soft White” lamps operate from 100% to 10% of its light emission, while the emission of the Candlelight lamp remains steady at a low level. When the Soft White lamp is not dimmed, the luminaire appears as a halogen or incandescent lamp at full brightness, while dimming lower produces the pleasant effect of a very warm and soft light.


Data Sheet 211 and 311 (PDF file 62kB) 

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