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Lamps Fast Connector

finally cold cathode lamps have a simple, fast and modern connector.

neon connector tecnolux.jpg

With great pleasure Tecnolux is happy to introduce its new Tyco Electronics connector for cold cathode lamps (neon).
The procedure is innovative! You can see how its installation and use are easy on this  Video yt2.jpg

As shown in the image below, the connector does not require the silicone caps.

Try it!

The connector complies with outstanding regulations, according to IEC 60529, rated voltage up to 10kV, current rating up to 250mA.
A) Voltage peak up to 10kV/AC.
B) Current carrying capability: 250 mA max.
C) Temperature -40 to +105°C
D) Degree of Protection IP 20.

Please ask the datasheet for any further information.
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