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Six new TecnoLux colors have been created to light up the creativity of lighting designers and artists worldwide. Color engineers at the Tecnolux light laboratory have developed two distinctive ways for lighting technicians to bring color blending to their clients.
The Lighting Series brings a blend of 4 colors using rare earth phosphor coated tubes that when all illuminated at equal energy levels produce a perfect 7900? K with a CRI of 92. When these 4 colors are individually controlled with the Adelis? not only can the color temperature be exquisitely adjusted to match the time of day or mood of the client, millions of different colors in the pastel range are possible. The Saturated series is much like the lighting series with the addition of tubing with color filters, dramatically deepening the saturation of the lighting series colors. The saturated series can be used were rich saturated colored blending is needed.
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