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Dimmer Manuale 0-10 External Dimmer 0-10 V (1-50 converters)

SURGE DEFENDER 230 V AC Surge protector
Surge Protector
You have invested a great deal of money in your electrical equipment. Protect your electronic converter equipment from power surges with the SURGE DEFENDER. This surge protection device puts up guards for many neon converters.
What are Power Surges? Power Surges are Sudden powerful increases in voltage that can damage or destroy household appliances and electronic equipment. Protect appliances and valuable electronic equipment against POWER SURGE DAMAGE.
Do not forget to always use the SURGE DEFENDER!

  TEST 7k OHM (test for converters)    
  TEST 10 k OHM (test for converters)    
  TEST 15 k OHM (test for converters)    
  TEST 20 k OHM (test for converters)    
  TEST 25 k OHM (test for converters)    
  TEST 40 k OHM (test for converters)    

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