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Description  Color     Code
Block-Out Paint              
Water Base, 1 Kg. Pails formulated for both White   WP1W     Nr.
dipping and brush application with superb Grey       WP1G Nr.
coverage and longevity Black     WP1B   Nr.
Description Color Code       u.m.
Tridistillated Mercury in bottles of 250 gr.
  WFG250M   Nr.
Tube of silicone greases.        
 Silicone grease high-vacuum 50 gr   W099       Nr.
Pencil (Box 50 pcs.)              
Glass marking pencil
Black PENCIL       Nr.
Description   Code       u.m.
Rubber Corks Available in all diameters
Diam. 6 > 9 mm.   NESC6R   Nr.
Diam. 7 > 10 mm.   NESC7R   Nr.
Diam. 9 > 12 mm.   NESC10R   Nr.
Diam. 10 > 13 mm.   NESC10R   Nr.
Diam. 11> 14 mm.   NESC11R   Nr.
Diam. 12 > 16 mm.   NESC12R   Nr.
Diam. 13 > 18 mm.   NESC13R   Nr.
Diam. 14 > 20 mm.   NESC14R   Nr.
Diam. 16 > 23 mm.   NESC16R       Nr.
Description "D" mm. Code       u.m.
Rubber Corks
with Hole Available in all diameters
Diam. 6 > 9 mm. 3 NESCF7 Nr.
Diam. 7 > 10 mm. 3 NESCF7 Nr.
Diam. 9 > 12 mm. 3 NESCF8 Nr.
Diam. 10 > 13 mm. 3 NESCF10 Nr.
Diam. 11 > 14 mm. 3 NESCF11 Nr.
Diam. 12 > 16 mm. 3 NESCF12 Nr.
Diam. 13 > 18 mm. 3 NESCF13 Nr.
Diam. 14 > 20mm. 3 NESCF14 Nr.
Diam. 16> 26 mm. 6 NESCF16 Nr.
Description   Code       u.m.
Right angle WGG080 Nr.
8 mm.
Description   Code       u.m.
Glass Cutter
Extra hard double edged tungsten carbide cutting tip with plastic handle W003 Nr.
Description   Code       u.m.
Glass File
Fine grain file for cutting glass tubing W002 Nr.
Description   Code       u.m.
Protective Eyewear
Didymium Glasses WGDIDIMIO Nr.
Description Color Code       u.m.
Heat resistant materials
Fiberglass cloth in rolls, height 109 cm. White TV       Mt.
Mica treated fiberglass cloth , height 154 cm. Brown TVM       Mt.
Description Color Code       u.m.
Ten Teflon strips cm. 5 x 30 White WTFN005   Nr.
thicknes mm. 0,5    
Ten Teflon strips cm. 5 x 30 White WTFN010   Nr.
thicknes mm. 1    
Description Color Code       u.m.
Screen stainless steel
Screen stainless steel mt. 0,5x0,5 WRIX050   Nr.
Screen stainless steelmt. 1x1 WRIX100   Nr.
Description   Code       u.m.
UV Lamps
For checking 253,7 nm. color of fluorescent powders TESTERLG Nr.
Vacuum fluids
Description     Code     u.m.
Silicone Oil
Oil for diffusion pump and "U" gauge oil manometer 50 gr. W097   Nr.
Paraffin based Mineral OIL
Mechanical vacuum pump OIL for rotary pump (Type A120) 2 Liters bottle W096     Nr.
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