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TECNOLUX® is a universal trademark for the neon lighting systems. The founder of TECNOLUX  group™, Mr. Benito Tacconi, begun by manufacturing neon transformers at the beginning of 1950. Over the years TECNOLUX  group™ had a workforce of hundreds of people manufacturing facilities addressed mainly to the neon field. 

The aim of TECNOLUX Group™ is of manufacturing high quality components for neon. The success is based upon the in-depth knowledge of all the aspects of the neon field. For this reason TECNOLUX® is always concentrating in research and improvements where the “know-how” of our range of products is the main issue.

The following products, sold worldwide, bear the TECNOLUX® marking:
- neon tubes – colored tubes or clear coated tubes - available in 5 different types of glass in a various no. of diameters and lengths (reaching over 3 meters) in a range of over 100 colours.
- transformers – resin body transformers were available in 6 different versions for an overall total of 260 models at 50Hz and 60Hz. Not produced more.
- electronic converters – converters for neon, slim and led installations; electronic controllers , highly technological DMX digital/analogue controllers.
- electrodes – available in three types of glass for a total of 130 different models
- vacuum systems – availability of various models for the manufacturing of neon tubes
- accessories – accessories for the neon field i.e. cables, electrode caps, devices for blowers etc.


OZONELUX is Tecnolux's doughter, born when the modern trials let us know  other potentialities of our technology and we started to manufacture converters to produce ozone (O3). The market of ozone therapy, for beauty, to sanitize enclosed spaces and much more has enabled us to explore other interesting areas and evolve our knowledge.

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