Disinfection with Ozone is a real revolution in sanification of air and water, of all infected surfaces and spaces.

Recent studies have demonstrated that Ozone molecules are effective in breaking down the bacterial and virustatic load of environments and surfaces. 

Is also antifungal, ecologic and it has an oxidizing power

Our engineering knowledge let us to project the electrical converters to generate ozone. Ozonelux operates internationally in the ozone sector since 2016, as a company that produce components for high performance Ozone Generators, that can be used to sanify efficiently laboratories, hotel rooms, canteens, waiting rooms, meeting rooms, common rooms, classrooms, buses, bars, rental vehicles...

Actually two types of application are possible:


Ozone in the Air

To sanitize enclosed spaces

as cars, airbus, hotel rooms, ships cabins, public environments, public baths 

Through electric discharges ours mobile device, positioned in the center of a closed environment and staying on with air ventilated for the programmed time (about 15 minutes per 45m2), it transforms part of the oxygen of the surrounding air in ozone.

Concentration of treatment not less than 4mg/m3. 

Its properties are useful for preventing infections from virus, bacteria and micosi.

It allows to reduce, or avoid, massive use of chemicals.

Being a gas, it allows to reach also the least accessible points.

Ozone in Water

To the potabilization of water

To sanitize pools, sauna and spa

To a pet grooming

This type of generator can be applied on every home faucet (kitchen or bathroom) to inject the ozone molecule in the water.

Ozone in water is useful to clean surfaces, wash human body or animals.

It can be used as natural pesticide on plants.

It's more effective than Chlorine. 

Ozone has redox potential (V) = 2,07

Chlorine has redox potential (V) = 1,37

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