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The lights have the ability to trasform a room, but neon can also highlight a message, screaming it with the power of colors and brightness!!

For that, neon lamps are always been suitable in art and design contexts.

To light, to show, to amaze, to amuse, to highlight.

Historically various artists have expressed their art with lights, just think of Lucio Fontana, Dan Flavin, Joseph Kosuth and more others obsessed with the versability of neon. In the hands of artists, however, neon became an emblem of urban life and commercialism.

Today, through the explorations into the meaning of color, we know that combinating gases, phosphores and colored glass, an infinite creation of neon colors is possible.

Just like the Electrical Engineery progress let us a lot of possibility that weren't possible before. 

Over the years we collaborated with a lot of artists and designers in the creation of their artworks, getting technical support to power them.

We have the experience and the technology to realize your art or design works.

Analyzing the workproject we can steer into the best technical solutions.


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