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Club Unseen -

the manifest project of Studio Pepe wins the Frame Awards 2019 as BEST BAR OF THE YEAR!

Club Unseen - the project created for the Milan Design Week 2018 by the creative directors of Studiopepe, Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto - had Tecnolux Ozonelux as one of the Design Psartners.

We are glad to communicate that Club Unseen won the Frame Awards 2019 as Best Bar of the Year!

The innovative atmosphere and the funny experience that Club Unseen gave to the visitors, gave him the credit to win this international acknowledgement.

the secret club represents the quiet that gives space to creativity: a place with a relaxed and casual atmosphere, in which an innovative interpretation of hospitality emerges clearly to the senses and to the heart (Andrea Ferrari)

Musical performances mixed at original and contemporary handcrafted design were the signature of the project.

Cocktail were prepaired in a special and mystic top of the bar, partly obscured. The expectation of the drinks became a contemplative and pleasant moment, watching barman's hands only.

Our neon lights, manually bended with love and passion, are settled with an innovative approach, with a perfect combination of textures. 

The chosen color was Tecnolux Warmtone n4, that perfectly light settled in frequently visited spaces, as it maintains the real colours of the objects it goes to illuminate.




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